Social Responsibility


A trade-off always exists between the financial, social and environmental imperatives which form the triple bottom line focus of business today. As a small business we try to maintain a focus on all three areas.

The social needs facing our country are substantial and it is a moral duty for all business to make a difference by supporting projects that benefit historically disadvantaged sectors of our society. We tend to focus our efforts in this regard locally on the Kurland Village and have contributed in several ways to assist the community, including providing support for community policing and security, by donating appliances and furniture to needy individuals, community centres, crèches and the local rugby club. We have provided free of charge the designs for a proposed training centre for the community.

We were founding members of the Southern Crags Conservancy which seeks to safeguard the environment and remain members.

We are involved in an Eco Village in The Crags, which seeks to provide a model for establishing sustainable lifestyle that is environmentally responsible.