Procurement Services

Rulan Projects Procurement Products

We undertake procurement projects for discerning clients who require specialised products that are:

• Hard to find
• Time consuming
• Logistically difficult to source

Based on your specific requirements, we will:

• Source suitable products
• Prepare a comparative presentation of features and prices to assist your procurement decision
• Purchase the product on your behalf
• Have it delivered to your door
• Arrange specialist installers, if required

We will research and find suitable products from hardware, appliances (large and small), furniture and equipment for you to make your selection and purchasing decision, thereby saving you time and money and generally making life easier for you.

In addition to our own research and procurement capability, we are a member of a large buying group and as such can find almost any product that you may wish to source, with the features and the price that suits your requirements and can get these to you anywhere you may be, both nationally and internationally.


View (download PDF) our CTL (UPVC Ceiling Panels) brochure HERE.

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