Rulan Projects - Design and Project Management,  Procurement,  Business Services.

Core Corporate Values

- Maintenance of the highest standards of professionalism.
- Assuming ultimate responsibility for project success.
- Focusing on client needs and expectations.
- Operating ethically & with integrity at all times.

- Maintaining the security of client assets at all times.
- Acting always in the best interests of the client.
- Creating synergy through business partnerships
Objectives (1st of 2 slides)
- To provide clients with turnkey project management services.
- To involve the client throughout the project to maximise satisfaction.
- To meet both company and client objectives.
- To maintain state of the art techniques to ensure that project objectives are met. (next slide)
Objectives (cont.)
- To use contractors who uphold the highest standards in their field of expertise.
- To maintain personalised contact with each and every client.  
Mode of Operation
We develop and maintain synergistic business partnerships with industry partners and sub- contractors who meet our standards of quality and customer service, thus providing a transparent environment for the client that also provides a mutually beneficial platform for both our industry partners and ourselves. The client deals with one
(2nd of 2 slides)
entity that assumes ultimate responsibility for the success of the project. In some cases we provide the main customer interface and in others we perform the coordinating role for an industry partner who is viewed by the client as the supplier of service. In all cases Rulan Projects works to meet the needs of the customer.